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Social Media Management

As social media becomes a teenager, large and small businesses alike are wrestling with the question, is it worth investing our marketing budget into social media management?

Some argue social marketing just a fad, while others say it's replacing traditional advertising. Either way, it isn't something you can ignore.

83% of Americans have a social media account, and 48% interact with brands on social media. There is a huge audience ready to engage with your business on social media. With social media, you can meet your customers where they are already spending much of their time.

You don't have time to learn all there is to know about successfully marketing on Instagram or creating a Facebook ad. That's where we come in.

You know now that social media is important for marketing in 2018. But what now?

Esultants social media specialists spend all day researching, testing, and implementing the latest social media tactics. This means your business can stay internet-savvy with almost no effort on your part.

Even more, we invest the same amount of energy getting to know you and your goals online. At Esultants, we talk with customers one-on-one to learn who they are, what they do, and how they are different from their competition. We get to know each company’s goals and voice, and then we develop a social strategy with specific action steps to increase leads and sales online. Each post is unique to each customer’s needs and audience.

If you are ready to get started with social media marketing, check out our programs below and contact us to find the ideal option for your business.

Esultants Online Marketing and Maintenance (OMM) Programs

We offer a variety of programs so you can pick the level of support that works for your marketing goals. Once you choose a program, we will meet with you to determine a marketing plan for the year.


No-Hassle OMM

We recommend this program to clients who have a current, professionally-built website and who are ready to rev up their online marketing with consistent blog posts and social media management.

In this program, you are given 3 Flex Hours each month to spend on website maintenance, content changes, SEO, copy writing, or social media management. In addition to your Flex Hours, you will also receive 1 SEO audit report and 1 social media report yearly.

No-Worries OMM

We recommend this program to clients who want active social media accounts and who want to take their online marketing to the next level with in-depth blog posts and strategic social media postings.

In this program, you are given 5 Flex Hours each month to spend on website maintenance, content changes, SEO, copy writing, or social media management. In addition to your Flex Hours, you will also receive 1 SEO audit report and 1 social media report yearly.

à La Carte Options

If a yearly online marketing program isn’t for you or you need additional hours, we offer à la carte pricing for one-time needs, including:

  • Optimizing Facebook or Google for Business
  • Setting Up Other Social Profiles
  • Writing Small Batches of Social Media Posts
  • Generating Social Media Reports
  • Conducting Social Media 101 Training (You Pick the Platform!)
  • Individual Blog Posts

Our No-Hassle and No-Worries OMM programs come with monthly Flex Hours you can spend on:

  • Content updates or copy writing
  • Blog writing and/or optimization
  • Setting up optimized social media accounts
  • Posting to social media
  • Coaching or consultation (e.g. blog brainstorming, social media training, etc.)
  • Updating your website’s CSS—colors, fonts, or button styles
  • Logo or icon design
  • Stock photo purchases and/or photo editing
  • Additional SEO / Social Media Reports
  • And more—just ask!

Contact us to find out pricing and details for each of these programs.

Small Business Social Media FAQ

Since social media marketing is relatively new, you may have questions about how effective it is and how it would work for you and your business. At Esultants, educating our clients is a top priority. 

Tap a question below to view our answer.

How do I know if social media is right for my business? +

Social media effectiveness depends on your type of company. You can ask yourself some questions to decide if social media marketing is right for your business.

Businesses that Thrive on Social Media

Can social media actually help me increase sales? +

If you have an optimized business profile and post the right content, social media can help you sell your products and services. Still, success won’t happen overnight.

Social media lets you build authentic and lasting relationships with customers so when they need something, they'll think of you first. Like any relationship, though, maintaining it means considering the quantity and quality of your connections. The more often you post and the more valuable your posts, the stronger the bridge between you and the consumer.

7 Ways to Improve Sales with Social Media

What if I'm not ready to hire an agency? +

When you are ready to take the leap into the world of social media, you need to choose who is going to be in charge of maintaining accounts.

Social media is an extremely accessible form of marketing. Anyone can start a profile on the top social platforms and begin interacting with customers. Still, not everyone can do this well, and not everyone has the resources.

The benefit of using an agency like Esultants is that you pay for exactly what you need.

4 Options for Social Media Management

I'm on social media, but how do I know if it's working? +

You need to know what currently is and isn’t working for you on social media to move towards your sweet spot for leads and engagement. The best way to measure your results is with a social media audit, which includes observations and recommendations from a social media specialist.

Social Media Audits

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our social media experts to learn more about how Esultants can help with your social media strategy.