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What is an SSL and how can it improve your website?

In January 2017, Google changed some of its rules with SSL. Now, sites with an SSL will not only be more secure, they will also be ranked higher on Google. Read More


Look How Cute Our Baby Website Was

Look at how cute our baby website was! We take a look at our web designs from 1999 to today, paying attention to what we love about each design and what hasn't aged so well. Read More


How to Break Up with Your Website Company

Not all relationships work out – including professional relationships. When it's time to go separate ways, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Communicating with your website provider before moving your services will save you from some common mistakes. Read More


Is copywriting one word or two words?

Is copywriting one word or two words? What about copywriter? The English language isn't always the most logical. In this blog post, we explain these tricky word variations and where to use each. Read More


Business Blogging: How to Promote Content & Reach Customers

Spending time promoting your latest blog post ensures you get the most benefit from your work. In this post, we give specific instructions and examples for how to advertise your blog on your website and different social media platforms. Read More


Blogging for Business: How to Get Started

Blogs aren’t just public journals for the ambitious solopreneur. Businesses of all sizes are using to blogging as a way to promote their products or services. In this post, we cover why blogging is good for business, how to start a business blog, and how to use blogging best practices Read More


White Hat / Black Hat SEO in 2018: Are Location Pages Considered Doorway Pages?

If you are still creating separate pages for each of the cities and towns you serve, read this. When I checked in with those examples of "good" location pages cited between 2015 and 2017, I was surprised to find them completely missing from search results. (You never really think your predictions will come true, right?) Read More