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Web Development from 1999 to Now

Since 1999, our web services have evolved along with the Web. See just how much times have changed since Jeff founded Esultants!

Esultants milestones are bold and blue.
Advancements in web development, technology, search engine optimization, and social media are listed in black.


1999—Seeing a need for worry-free website creation and hosting for local businesses, Jeff starts Esultants in his hometown, Minneapolis.
2000—Rob begins working with Jeff, accumulating more than 10 years of experience in web design, CSS, and HTML.
1999—Google files its first patent, the first Blackberry is released, Craigslist is founded, people are blogging on Blogger, and Napster allows MP3 files to be shared over the Internet.

2000—The release of Rich Site Summary (later "Really Simple Syndication") makes blogs more popular and easy to follow via RSS feeds.

—Creative Commons is built, Wikipedia launches, and the first Apple iPods are released.


Over 100 of our clients acquired from 1999 to 2004
are still on a program with Esultants in 2017,
13+ years later.

Most major SEO companies
lose clients after 18 months!
2002—LinkedIn is founded.

2003—LinkedIn launches as a professional networking site. Myspace launches and targets a young adult user base. 

—The first open-source Wordpress software is released. Facebook is released for Harvard students.


2005—Rob becomes project manager.

2006—Scott joins the Esultants family.
2005—YouTube goes live. Google Analytics are released, and Google starts personalizing search results for each user.

2006—Twitter and Buzzfeed are founded. Facebook opens up to anyone with a connection to a school or university.

—Tumblr launches as a micro-blogging and social network site. Twitter users start tweeting with hashtags. Apple introduces the iPhone.


2010—Scott relocates to Fergus Falls, opening
our Lakes Area Web Services branch.
2008—The first Android phone makes its debut. Google releases its own browser: Chrome.

2009—Bing emerges in an effort to dethrone Google. Twitter hyperlinks hashtags.

—Instagram releases its iPhone app, immediately becoming the #1 photography application. Pinterest launches as an image- and idea-sharing site.


2012—Esultants moves from Minneapolis across the river to a larger facility in St. Paul,
just south of the State Fairgrounds.
2011—The Royal Wedding is the biggest internet event ever. Google's Panda update penalizes sites for keyword stuffing and spammy or duplicate content.

2012—Thanks to Siri and Google's Knowledge Graph, users begin searching conversationally, using questions like "Where can I find a dentist in Minneapolis" rather than keywords like "dentist minneapolis mn."

—With its Hummingbird update, Google factors the entire search query into its results, rather than single keywords, considering user intent, so "What does HVAC mean" will produce different results than "HVAC maintenance and repair."


2015—Melisa joins Esultants as the office manager, with 15+ years of experience in administration, sales, and billing.

2016—Caitlin joins Esultants as Copywriting and SEO specialist, with 7 years' experience in writing and design.
2014—Clickbait sees backlash from users, who start to avoid clicking on vague and sensational titles ("You'll never believe what happened next!").  

2015—With mobile searches exceeding 50%, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly search results. "Near Me" searches double.

—Still concerned with user intent, Google focuses on user experience, including the quality of the content and accessibility.


2017—Megan comes aboard to assist Caitlin with the growing needs for copywriting and social media management.

2018—We announce our OMM programs, a restructuring of our mainenance and marketing packages to better serve clients. The content department hires 2 new interns for the summer.


Esultants is with our clients for the long haul. Hundreds of our clients have been with us for at least 10 years. To put that into perspective, our main competitor in the Twin Cities gets excited if they can keep a client for one year and a half.

Over the years, we have adapted our services and programs to meet the needs of the modern business owner. But one thing hasn’t changed: Our dedication to customer service. Any of our clients know that when you call, a friendly voice will pick up within three rings and make it their priority to resolve your concern.

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