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No-Panic Guide to Web Design

Which businesses need web design?

If you're an active business that relies on communication with customers or partners, you need a website. A website presence shows the world that you are a legitimate business, and it promotes your products and services 24/7 without supervisors or managers needing to be paid around the clock.

A website is similar to the physical location of your business, but potentially more important. To find out your hours or basic information about your business, customers are more likely to search your website than drive by or look up your information in a phone booth.

Why is web design important?

We'll be honest with you – you could whip up a website in an afternoon. Purchase a cheap domain, upload your logo and tagline, and hit "Publish."

Unfortunately, a poorly built website often does more harm than good.

55% of website users leave after spending just 15 seconds on a website.

Chartbeat, citing analytics from over 50,000 websites

DIY websites rarely deliver the results you're striving for in a business website. If the design is dated or amateurish, if your pages don’t have a consistent style guide, or if your text is rife with errors, you lose the trust of your potential customers.

In fact, 55% of website users leave a website after just 15 seconds (Chartbeat).

Having a website is one thing, but having a professional website is the key to gaining traction in online marketing. Start with a great website, and all your other OMM tactics will work that much better.

How can you get started with a website?

You've decided a website is essential for reaching new customers online. You also understand the importance of a professional web design in gaining trust with potential customers.

Now what?

Start with a conversation. Fill out our online form request a meeting to discuss your current website needs. Jeff, Scott, or Tristan will then reach out and talk to you about the pros and cons of different website platforms.

Once you're equipped with information and advice specific to your business needs and budget, we can help you select design, SEO, and content plans that work for you and your online marketing goals.


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