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Social Media Audit: Your Key to Audience Engagement

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Social media is always changing, and businesses need to change with it to remain relevant. But not all change is equal. You need to know what is and isn’t working for you now on social media to move towards your sweet spot for leads and engagement.

The best way to measure your results is with a social media audit.

Your mission? Reaching the right people with the right content. 

A social media audit will help you find your people and give them the content they want and need.

Setting Your Goals

What are your goals for social media? Do you want to reach the maximum number of people? Do you have a specific, targeted audience you want to reach? What kind of interaction do you want?
Your goals on social media are as unique as your business. You can even have different goals for each platform! Yet everything you post should fall under the same general mission: Reaching the right people with the right content.

Measuring Results

1. Which platform is working for you?

Some social media platforms work great for one company but fall flat for another. Each platform highlights a different way to connect, and determining which ways your audience connects to you will help you decide which platforms to invest in more.

2. What types of posts are working?

Maybe your videos get lots of views, but no one clicks on the articles you are writing. Instead of putting energy into posts that have little return, move your focus to the types of content your audience loves.

3. What audiences are you targeting?

Hopefully, you have already decided who the target audience for your business is. Social media platforms do this too. Each platform draws in a different type of demographic, and you need to go to where your people are.

4. How are people responding to you?

Likes, follows, comments, shares, and click-throughs. These responses are all good, but they are not all equal. A social media audit will help you compare these stats strategically, to find out if people are actually building a relationship with your brand or just mindlessly responding.


Anyone can check the number of followers you have on Twitter, but you will need to know more than the raw numbers to be truly successful on social media. To maximize your ROI on social media, you need to set specific goals and strategically measure your results to determine success. This is where Esultants can help. We know what to measure and how to measure it.

Not all followers are equal. Some hide all your posts, some respond, share, and commit to your brand. But you will only foster these real followers by paying close attention to your social media efforts.

Want to know how to maximize your efforts in online marketing?
Contact Esultants and ask for a social media audit.

—The Esultants Team

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Social Media Audits: Your Key to Audience Engagement
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