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Thank you for signing up for our State Fair offer!
Since we are creating this audit from scratch just for you, it will take us some time. But don't worry, we have some goodies below that should hold you over until your audit is ready. 

As promised, here's our...

First-Place Recipe for SEO Success

The internet is a lot like the State Fair. There's so much to see and experience, people don't know where to start or where to end up. But you know what most catches the attention of passersby?

Fresh food.

Or, in the case of your website, fresh content.

But it can't just be fresh. It has to be good.
People will come upon your business and do one of three things:
  1. Leave right away. (In analytics terms, we call this the bounce rate.)
  2. Take a look around and then leave again. You caught their interest, but they left unsatisfied. Maybe they'll come back, or maybe you can reach out to them with a more enticing or relevant offer.
  3. Engage. These are the people that take action. They call you up, they purchase a product, they make an appointment.

Freshness is just one ingredient.

Fresh content, a fresh look, a fresh ad—this will catch the attention of State Fair pedestrians, potential customers, and search engines.

But if you want to take your business to the next level—if you want to see more customers take action—you also need to craft content that puts your audience first.

I'm going to fill you in on an SEO secret:

Search Engine Optimization changes all the time.

The algorithms are constantly updated. We're talking several times per day. But you know what doesn't change? Human nature. 

Let me ask you a question: Is your content optimized for humans, or bots?

Every search engine update is an attempt to deliver solutions to users' needs. If you write and market your content for what people want and need, you are more likely to show up in search engine results, even when the algorithm changes the rules.

At Esultants, our SEO specialists got degrees in writing. They know how important writing is, and how difficult it can be to communicate your message effectively.

If you're having trouble with a blog post, call to action, or social media post, don't despair. Our team can take your copy to the next level, helping you connect with customers and show them why they need you.

Blog Post or Newsletter

Each post or newsletter is written and optimized specifically for you and your industry.
$125 each

Custom Social Media Posts

Each post is crafted using best practices and personalized to your business/location.
$125 for six

Social Media Report

This report details your posts' performance and offers suggestions for improvement from our experts. 

SEO Report and Site Audit

This detailed report comes with recommendations for optimizing your website, including copy improvements.


Customized Facebook Ad

Discuss a timeline and budget with one of our SEO specialists today! Contact Caitlin or Megan

Talk to an Expert

Our SEO and social media specialists are happy to talk about your strategy for online marketing and how we can help.

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