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The No-Panic Online Marketing Guide Archives

At Esultants, we talk a lot about online marketing, especially when we talk about our new OMM – online marketing and maintenance – programsBut what does online marketing really mean?

When bloggers and agencies mention online or digital marketing, they are using it as an umbrella term for any marketing tactic executed on the internet. Pretty much, we use the term because it is faster than saying "SEO, Web Design, Blogging, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click, Email, and Mobile Marketing Programs."

If you think of an OMM Program as a cake, each of these tactics is an ingredient in a recipe designed especially for you! Some ingredients are essential – think of a website as the flour to your OMM cake – and others are specific to each person. For example, each social media platform might be a different flavor of filling or frosting.

This is the collection of each OMM ingredient. For each tactic, we'll explain why it's useful, what industries use it, and how your business can get started.