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LiveEdit Basics

Edit Mode

LiveEdit edit mode
Once logged into your site (by entering in your website's URL, then typing in "/login" and entering your email address and password) you will notice that there is now a large banner across the top your site that says LiveEdit Aurora.

One of the tools you will use more often than any other is the "Edit" toolbar. This tool allows you to add, edit, and delete content on your site. Once you click on the "Edit" tool, you will notice that the page breaks up into several red boxes with gray banners across the top of them. These are called content areas. These boxes will house and organize all of your content on each page. Each content area will stretch vertically to fit in as much content as you would like.

Types of Content

LiveEdit content types
  1. Text: The text tool allows you to enter in text and is comparable to using Word document software.
  2. Image: This tool allows you to pull up your File Manager and upload, place and re-size images. Remember to click "Place This Image" when you are ready to enter the image onto the site, otherwise it will not appear on the site.
  3. Video: This tool allows you to access the videos that you have uploaded to the File Manager. You have control of nearly every aspect of how the video is played and displayed.
  4. YouTube: If the video you wish to display is on YouTube, drag the YouTube tool into the content area you would like it to play in and paste in the URL of the video, and it will play just like it does on YouTube.
  5. HTML: If you are ever given an external piece of code and told to put it into your site (ie. HTML Plugins), the HTML tool will allow you to paste in the code given and place it into the content area of your choice. 
  6. Gallery: The Gallery function allows you to display multiple images, whether those are in a clickable Lightbox Gallery or in a Slideshow. This tool will access the folders in your file manager to gather the images in one folder and organize them in a nice neat pattern for your website's viewer to look at. 
  7. Form: This tool allows you to gather information from your website visitors. You create fields for your customers to fill out, depending on what information you would like to collect, and the form is submitted to your email. 
  8. Blog: This allows you to put an organized list of your recent blog posts onto your site, previewing title, overview and date published. 
  9. Search: This creates a search box that your customer can use to search for certain keywords on your site. 
  10. Maps: Using this tool you can enter in the address of your location and this will place a Google or Bing (your preference) Map of that location on your page. 
If you have a specific question about any of these instructions or the other tools on your website, please call us at 612-623-8054 or email us at customersupport@esultants.com 

Adding Content

LiveEdit adding content

To add content to your page, drag the desired content element found in your "Edit" menu into the red bordered, content area. When you drag content over the framed border area, it will turn gray. Release the mouse and the content editor will open.

Editing Content

LiveEdit editing content

Click the "Edit" menu. Then select the desired content element you want to fix and the editor will open for you to make changes.

Moving Content

LiveEdit moving content
If you need to move content, hover your mouse cursor over the content you wish to move (the content that is selected will have a gray box around it). From there, click and hold on the content and pull it into the area you wish it to be in and let go of the cursor. You will know that the content is in the area when you see the gray box show up in the box you planned to put the content in.

Deleting Content

LiveEdit delete content
Content can be deleted while in the "Edit" mode. Click on the content you would like to delete to open the dialog box, then using the "Delete" icon which is located in the lower left corner, delete the content.

NOTE: Deleting content can't be undone.
If you have a specific question about any of these instructions or the other tools on your website, please call us at 612-623-8054 or email us at customersupport@esultants.com