Is your email password secure?

Online security is important, especially when it comes to your communication and information, most of which goes through email.

If your email domain is hosted with Esultants, all incoming emails go through our Barracuda filter, which checks emails for common spam characteristics, keeping your inbox clean and safe.

Barracuda blocks over 500 Spam messages per hour for our email clients.

However, hackers have other ways of infiltrating your emails. The easiest way they get access? Your password.

Top 15 Hackable Passwords

A good password is at least eight characters long and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, and a special character. Any password which doesn’t follow these standards will be easy for spam bots to hack.

Here are a few of the most common passwords:

1. 123456
Adding additional numbers doesn't help your security. "123" through "123456789" are also in the top 50.

2. password
Even if you add a couple of numbers or replace the O with a 0, "password" is always a bad password.

3. qwerty
"qazwsx" is a variation on the same idea.

4. letmein

5. football

6. iloveyou
This is adorable, but not secure.

7. admin

8. welcome

9. monkey

10. login

11. abc123

12. starwars
We love Star Wars too, but this password is too simple.

13. 123123

14. dragon

15. master

More Password Dos and Don'ts

  • Don’t use single-word passwords or common phrases found in the dictionary (even if you replace Es with 3s and As with @s or 4s, for example). Dictionary attacks are the most common, fastest approach for cracking passwords
  • Don’t use birthdays or significant years, which are easy to guess with the help of personal information.
  • Don't include common names of family members.
  • Do pick several random words you can remember.
  • Do generate password variations for different websites.

Check Your Password Strength

Test your password strength at How Secure Is My Password?

This website will tell you if your password is secure, how long it would take to crack, and how to increase your password security if needed.

Change Your Esultants Email Password

If you know your current password

  1. Visit the Esultants webmail and log in with your current password.
  2. Click Preferences, and enter your new password in the Change Password section.
  3. Click Save.

If you don’t know your password

Give us a call! Our support team is always happy to help. Just call 612-623-8054 and let us know you need to reset your password. We'll take care of your request while you’re on the phone and make sure your emails are secure.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have your email set up in Outlook or on your phone, you will need to sync your password on these apps. For instructions on where to enter your password, visit our online email support page.

We hope this article helps you to feel more confident—yet cautious—with your business online.

—The Esultants Team

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