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Apply for an Internship with Esultants Web Services

Note: We recommend writing your answers to the application in a text document and saving the content before entering text into an online form. If your internet connection is disrupted, you may lose the text you enter into the form below. You will receive a confirmation email after your application is submitted.


This position has been filled for 2018. Please check back next spring for potential openings.


Website Maintenance Internship — Summer 2018

Esultants Web Services is looking for a website maintenance intern for the summer of 2018 to assist and learn from our fulfillment department. This is an entry-level position that will allow young people to test the waters and see if a career in website maintenance or online marketing is right for them. High school and college students are encouraged to apply.

Quick Facts:

Entry-level, part-time paid internship

Flexible (but reliable, consistent) hours

Pay dependent on education, ability

Apply below!

Job Responsibilities:
Tasks you’ll do

  • Prepare content for online publishing
  • Provide support for clients needing changes to their website
  • Perform a quality control checklist for websites ready to be launched
  • Answer phones and filter calls
  • Send reminders and check in with clients whose websites have stalled
  • Run audit reports on existing websites to glean areas of improvement


  • Navigating a content management system
  • Making website changes for clients
  • Communicating with clients in a professional manner via phone and email
  • Transferring printed and digital content to web pages
  • The functions of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Quality control and what it takes to launch a website

It’s possible that you can get in extra hours learning blogging, social media maintenance, web design, search engine analytics, and more. Your advisor may shape your responsibilities and learning opportunities based on your experience and interest.

Expectations: What we’re looking for

Friendliness and Professionalism—At Esultants, our top priority is our clients. You don’t have to always like people or be popular, but can you be polite when talking to people? Will you dress professionally for an interview or meeting?

Self-starter—We don't have time for micromanagement. Because this is a part-time position, every hour you are at work needs to be productive. 

Grit—Sometimes tasks aren’t fun, and people aren’t always pleasant.

Adaptive Learner—The web is ever-changing, consistently fluctuating. To make it in this field, you have to be willing to research and adapt to evolving rules and regulations.

Team-player—Esultants is a tight-knit community where each employee is counted on by the rest of the company to do their work well and on time.

Detail-Observer—When dealing with code, even a misplaced space or comma can change everything. How is your attention to detail? (This question could be answered by showing a detailed school planner, a checklist for a big project, or a high score on a grammar test, for example.)

Digital Familiarity—Know how to use Microsoft Office products, Outlook email, and social media. We can teach you the rest, but any experience in coding or blogging is a plus.

Transportation—We are located south of the State Fairgrounds on Como Avenue in Saint Paul, one block east of the Como Ave & Cathlin St bus stop on Metro Transit route 3. We also have a free parking lot for employees.


Form removed. This position has been filled.