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Reach Your Business Goals:

The 5-Step Guide for Setting & Achieving Value-Driven Business Goals

Are you one of the 77% of small business owners who hasn't achieved their vision?1

You have big-picture goals, just not the tools to reach them—yet.

This 5-step guide connects your aspirations with the daily work of your team. Each step includes a printable worksheet and clear instructions so you accomplish ambitious, meaningful goals in 2019.

Download the workbook for free and start fulfilling your vision today. >>>

Only available in January!

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Why over 3/4 of small business owners struggle to achieve the vision for their company:

The problem isn't lack of vision; most small businesses are built on the dreams of an individual to provide a product or service which fills a need and makes the world better.

The challenge is connecting business priorities with daily operations.

In fact, only 16% of front-line employees clearly understand the connections between corporate priorities.2

In our workbook, we bridge the gap between the inspiration of your founder and the action steps accomplished by your entire team.

Picture this: A conference room full of dreams, product ideas, and scheduled steps to put you and your team on the path of achieving your business vision.

In this workbook, we go through the crucial steps to setting and, more importantly, to achieving goals for your business, your employees, and yourself:


Dream about your future

First, we set you free to dream about how your business mission can come to life—no boundaries or criticism allowed at this step.


Reflect on your past year

Next, we bring your dreams down to earth with questions to help you and your employees reflect on what did and what did not work last year.


Set goals

Our printable worksheet (complete with goal categories and examples) will guide you toward the goals which make the most sense for your business vision.


Create action steps

You can print a worksheet for each goal to plan out every step of the way. When you finish, you'll know exactly who is doing each step and when they're doing it.


Stay flexible

This workbook closes with tips for adjusting your goals when unexpected circumstances hit your business.


Start today!

Download this workbook to start setting practical goals on the path to actually achieving your vision for the company. 

Get the Workbook