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Find Your Company’s Best Fit for Social Media

Let's talk numbers. The 7 major social media platforms each have over 1 million users and just about as many rules, algorithms, and user bases.

Now let’s talk options. One, you could spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting an account on every platform and using every tactic, chasing after leads that may or may not come.

Two, you could spend time on the platform(s) best suited for your type of work.

Find your best fit for social media. >>>

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We'll let you in on a secret: You really only need two social media platforms. Maybe just one.

But they need to be the right ones.

Our full-time social media marketers spend every day researching social media platforms so you don’t have to. We know what does and doesn’t get results for businesses like yours, and we coach our clients on how to use the right social media the right way.

Today we're giving away a bit of our expertise for free.

— Don't miss your chance to start working smarter on social media. —


You can download our free printable, and in less than 5 minutes, you'll know exactly which social media platform is worth your time and budget.

  • Page 1 is for business-to-business companies.
  • Page 2 is for business-to-consumer companies.

Answer the questions to find the best match(es) for your specific type of work and your target audience.