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Community Involvement

We are proud to partner with following local Minnesota organizations, furthering their missions through financial donations and volunteer hours.


Osiris Organization logo

Osiris Organization

Esultants Web Services has been a proud strategic business partner with the Osiris Organization dating back to 2003. Jeffrey Schissler, Esultants' owner, is the new chair for the Osiris Organization, whose mission is to provide life-enhancing skills to youth and families through computer technology and entrepreneurial outreach programs. Today Osiris Organization has computer centers in 29 of the Minneapolis Parks to help youth continue to practice and hone their computer skills, inspiring them to grow into self-reliant and productive members of society.
Osiris Organization

Camden Lions logo

Camden Lions

The Lions have worked on a variety of projects in the local community, such as an annual pancake breakfast, a fall spaghetti dinner, Victory garage sale, ice cream social, and many more local events. Jeffrey Schissler has personally volunteered hundreds of hours since 2004, serving the Camden Lions community of North Minneapolis. In addition, Esultants Web Services is a business member and has contributed financially by helping the Camden Lions purchase needed equipment, tents and other resources to help serve North Minneapolis.
Camden Lions

Other Nonprofits We Work With—Local, National & International

Healing Haiti logo

Healing Haiti

Jeff's fiancée, Dusty, has served alongside the Healing Haiti foundation on three mission trips to Haiti. Dusty has had life-changing experiences seeing the poor and broken but joyful and hopeful people of Haiti, and she will continue to go back to serve the people near Port au Prince. Healing Haiti is an organization that is doing incredible humanitarian work for the poor, orphaned, and widowed. Their focus and mission stems from "seeing people as God sees them and loving people as God loves them."
 Healing Haiti

Sharing and Caring Hands


The Apparent Project


Operation Christmas Child


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