Is your website ready for Christmas 2018?

A chill in the air reminds us that winter is coming!

It's time to update the information on your website, Facebook page, and Google My Business profile to be ready for the 2018 selling season.

Here's what to check:

  • Year: Search your site for any reference to 2017, and update this to 2018.
  • Open Date: As soon as you have your opening date set, tell your fans so they can schedule a visit to your farm or tree lot into their holiday plans.
  • Hours: Let your customers know what hours you'll be open. List this on your website, Facebook page, and Google My Business listing.
  • Selection and Prices: If your prices have changed this year, or you're offering a different selection of trees, update this on your website to avoid any unpleasant surprises for customers.
  • Coupons or Specials: Offering a deal on trees for your website visitors or social media followers is a great way to build customer loyalty. Make sure to update the date on your coupon so customers can use it this year!
  • Event Dates: Do you offer special events on your farm during the Christmas season? Add these events to Facebook and embed the event feed on your site, or update the date and time listed on your website.

Tips for Surviving the Season

  • Make sure your Facebook Business page is optimized, and set up a Google Business account.
  • Plan, write, and set up your social media and blog posts ahead of time, and then schedule them to post at predetermined times.
  • Delegate as much as you can so you can focus on the most important part: running the farm and taking care of your family, your trees, and your customers.
  • If you need help with your website, social media, or SEO, reply this email to let us know what you need.

à La Carte Prices

Since we know you are entering your busy season, Esultants offers worry-free, à la carte content and social media marketing options:

  • BLOG POST OR NEWSLETTER, written, and optimized: Starting at $175 each
  • TEXT SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, custom to your business / location: $75 for 10
  • VIDEO FOR SOCIAL MEDIA, using text adapted from your content and photos from our stock: $100 each
  • SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT detailing what posts performed best, with recommendations for improvement from our experts: $250
  • CUSTOMIZED FACEBOOK AD. Discuss a budget with one of our social media specialists today!

We will be making changes to websites on a first come, first serve basis, so contact us early!
If you decide to have us help you create and manage Facebook ads, contact us ASAP to stake your claim. Our ads target customers near your location. We will only take ONE Facebook advertising client per 25-mile region.

—The Esultants Team

P.S. You can download our hashtag list to reach new customers!

We've gathered a list of the best social media hashtags for Christmas tree farms, and we're giving it away for free! 

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