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5 Practical Ways to Hook Visitors Online

According to Pew Research Center, 91% of internet users use search to find companies.


At least, that is what I did yesterday when I needed a manicure. The results? Word Art web titles, flashing side bars, Comic Sans headings, and lots of cringing on my part. I jumped right out of the sites I could tell hadn’t been updated since 2000.

You may think that your business's greatest assets are the prices, professionalism, and customer service. Unfortunately, a bad web design ensures potential clients never get to see your 5 star reviews or competitive prices.

According to the Missouri University of Science and Technology, online visitors only spend one-fifth of a second on your website forming a first impression. That means you need to target in on what makes potential clients stay around.

A Recipe for Good First Impressions

1. Professionalism

If you want someone to invest in your business, you have to start by investing in it yourself. A professional website may be exactly what your small business needs to stand apart from the competition.

"If you want someone to invest in your business, you have to start by investing in it yourself." Click to Tweet

2. Customization

Do-it-yourself website platforms may have some great templates, but a website needs to be customized for your goals and needs. Incorporating your logo, colors, branding, and market analysis into your web design is what the web designers specialize in.

3. Modern Coding

Over half of all web visits are on mobile devices—a number that has skyrocketed in the past decade. With all these changes in technology, your website needs to be built on modern coding practices to stay relevant online.

SEO Tips 7.10.17


4. Contemporary Design

I'm sure the animated website headers were trendy at one point, but not anymore. Websites should follow the latest design principles to keep the attention of an audience.

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"Websites should follow the latest design principles to keep the attention of an audience." Click to Tweet

5. Interesting Content

Besides links and logos, viewers will spend most of their time viewing your website's content. Having easy-to-follow text arranged in a way that highlights your business' strengths can keep potential customers on your site beyond the first glance.


It may seem silly to choose a nail salon based on web design, but an online presence can communicate a lot. In less than a second, a potential client can determine you are professional and modern and you have something interesting to say—or they can learn you haven't changed your website in this decade. 

Contact the experts at Esultants if you would like help making sure your website reflects your business identity. Or sign up to receive our monthly guide on website and social media success.


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