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What makes Esultants different than every other web company?

It is the nature of our company and especially our marketing department to read articles to keep up-to-date on SEO, websites, and content marketing. This particular article we found from Content Marketing Institute hit home for us. The article is titled “Find Your Sweet Spot – An Extreme Content Focus [Exercise]”. What makes this article special is that is provides an exercise to help your business walk through how to determine where your business niche and content niche overlap.

Before I dive into what makes Esultants different and what our content strategy is, let me tell you why this matters to you.

  • We’ll show you a practical example of how you also can walk through this exercise and help determine your business and content niches
  • Blogging and sharing relevant and informative content doesn’t have to be hard
  • Our strategy of helping small businesses understand the internet might benefit you if you are a small business looking to learn more about the internet, websites, SEO or social media


The Exercise

“What’s the one thing that you are better at than anything else? Become the extreme version of that.”

- Gary Vaynerchuk

The starting point is determining your knowledge areas and your special skills as a business. The article defines knowledge as “information acquired about a particular subject through study or observation” and skills as “knowledge used properly”. The first step is to brainstorm knowledge areas and special skills, so let’s do that for Esultants.

Knowledge Areas

  • Domains, Servers, DNS records
  • SEO
  • Email Support
  • Building sites that function properly


Special Skills

  • Customer Service
    • Response Time
    • Real People, Real Advice

And then determine your customer pain points.

Customer Pain Points

  • Buying something and not understanding it enough to know if it was completed
  • Confusion and misunderstanding caused by the changing speed of the internet – websites, social media, SEO


The Conclusion

Esultants brings the knowledge about the internet, websites, SEO and social media and the skills to be present and provide timely solutions and information. And the customer brings a frustration with trying to understand the internet world and not getting duped. Esultants is here to bridge that gap, educate customers and help provide the solutions they need. With this information in hand, we can determine Esultants Web Services content niche is providing easy-to-read information related to websites, social media, and SEO that keep our customers up-to-date on what is happening on the internet. 

Going Forward

What does this mean going forward? It means our Facebook, Twitter, and blog feeds will feature articles, tips, and posts helping educate our customers in the areas they want to better understand. It’s sharing articles and explaining why these things are important and how they apply to our customer’s unique businesses.

Take the time to walk through this exercise provided from Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute and see how it can help you refine your content strategy and relieve stress about knowing what to post. And then let us know how it worked for you! Comment below, tweet us @Esultants or find us on Facebook.

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