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Blog Instructions

We all want to build a loyal base of customers who return to our businesses over time and recommend our work to their friends and family. But how do you achieve this for your business?

The best way to foster these kinds of customers is to connect with your target audience on a regular basis and provide them with relevant, useful information that shows you care about them and their needs.

Adding a blog to your site is a great way to keep in touch with your customers by giving them with helpful content throughout the year.

This post will tell you how to create blog posts on your LiveEdit site and use SEO best practices to make sure your posts reach the right audience.

Setting Up the Blog

  1. Login to your website.

  2. Click the More button at the top of your screen. Then click Dashboard.
    Navigate to Blog_001

    Navigate to Blog_002

  3. In the Dashboard, click the Blog button.
    Navigate to Blog_004

  4. Click on the Settings menu to add your title, description, date format, and other settings for your blog.

Adding Blog Posts in LiveEdit

  1. Click the New Post button.
    Add New Post

  2. Pick the type of post you would like to create. We recommend using the Text option.
    Navigate to Blog_005

  3. Write your blog post, including a catchy title. The title is the heading of your blog post. Type in what you would like to call the post and your blog post will display that title.
    NOTE: the URL for the page will default to the title you select. If you would like to edit the URL to something shorter, do this before you publish the post. This can be done in the right column.
    Create the Post_001

  4. You may add a Feature Image to your post by clicking the Upload File button and choosing an image from your computer.
    Add Feature Images

  5. You can also choose to allow or block comments.

  6. Write a post excerpt which will show up in search engines and on the blog page of your site. This is usually a summary or a teaser for the post.
    Blog Excerpt

  7. Add tags to your post to organize your various posts on your site and optimize them for search engines.
    Blog Tags

Saving or Publishing Post

  1. Use the Status drop down menu to decide if the post will save as a draft, publish automatically, or post on a specific date.
    Publish Post_001

    1. Draft: This option will allow you to save the post and come back to it later for additional editing or to publish.

    2. Publish Now: This option will publish the post and it will become live on the site immediately.

    3. Publish On: LiveEdit gives you the option to publish your post on a specific date and time -- past or future. Select a date in the calendar and set specific time if desired.
      Schedule Post

  2. Click Create Post. This will complete the action you chose in the Status drop-down menu.
    Create Post

Improving Your Brand with Blogging

Blogging has become a primary way for companies to connect with their ideal customers. The LiveEdit platform will help you stay ahead of the curve as you write timely content that will reach and resonate with your specific audience.

Esultants has over 15 years of experience driving traffic to custom designed websites. Contact us for copywriting and SEO tips and programs that will make your company stand out from competitors.

If you have a specific question about any of these instructions or the other tools on your website, please call us at 612-623-8054 or email us at customersupport@esultants.com