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How to Avoid Domain Renewal Scams

Several clients in the last week have reached out with questions about their domain renewal. The reason? They got a sketchy email or letter asking for payment to renew their domain.

We're so glad our clients reach out to us with these concerns, and double checking the validity of solicitation emails is super smart.

But since so many of you are getting bombarded with these emails, we figured it was important to send a little notice to help you evaluate domain renewal notices. (Important enough to break our one-email-a-month rule.)

What to check

From name: Many scam sites will say "Domain Notice" or "Domain Service" here.

From email address: If it looks sketchy, it probably is. Many scammers will just use a series of letters or numbers as their email account.

Business address: According to the CAN-SPAM Act, all credible business sending an email for marketing purposes is required to include a physical postal address. If this is missing, you're probably aren't looking at a credible business.

What to do

  1. Don’t click any links or reply. A scam email may hide a malicious URL by attaching it to a different link text. Hover over the link to see the actual URL destination. Only click links in emails if you trust the sender and expected the link.

  2. Check your domain admin. If you don’t already know who your domain is registered with, you can look this up on a WHOIS database. Look for the email of the Admin Contact. If the email came from a different domain than the one listed here, the notice you received is a scam.

  3. Mark as Junk and block sender. This will help reduce these solicitation emails in the future.

As a rule, be cautious any time someone asks for your personal information on the phone or by email. Do not reply to emails that might be spam, and do not click on their "unsubscribe" links, either.

One benefit of working with a company like Esultants is that you get to know our billing and domain renewal departments, so you don't need to question if the phone call or email is legitimate.

However, if you do have a question about a bill, you are always welcome to contact us to double check. We're here to help!

We hope this article helps you to feel more confident—yet cautious—with your business decisions. 

—The Esultants Team

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