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Android Email Set-Up Instructions

Follow the following steps to set up an email account on your Android Phone.

Your screen may look differently based on when your phone was made, but the settings should be set the same.
1. From the Settings screen, tap on the Email button.
NOTE: On newer versions of the Android, you may need to choose Account instead.
Android email setup 1
2. Press Account settings.
Android email setup 2
3. On the Settings screen, press the Add Account button in the top right-hand corner.
Android email setup 3
4. Enter your full Email Address and Password.
Android email setup 4
5. Once you enter in your Email Address and Password, click the Manual Setup button.
Android email setup 5
6. Select POP3 account.
Android email setup 6

7. Enter the following information for the incoming server: 

  • Server: email.esultants.com
  • Port: 995
  • Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates)

Then press Next.

Android email setup 7

8. Enter the following information for the outgoing:

  • SMTP Server: email.esultants.com
  • Port: 465
  • Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates)

Then press Next.

Android email setup 8
9. Select in how often you want your inbox to refresh, if you want notifications, and if you want your email account to sync with the email server. This step will set up your preferences. Then press Next.
Android email setup 9
10. Create a Display name for the account, then press Next and your email account set-up is finished.
Android email setup 10

If the new email account is not verifying, go back and double check the spelling of all host and account names. If everything is spelled correctly and the settings are correct but your account will not verify, call Esultants at 612-623-8054 and an email support specialist will assist you.