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Facebook for Business: Why Your Company Needs It

As a small business owner, you don't have a surplus of time and money to invest into untested marketing ventures. Thankfully, Facebook marketing is reaching maturity and offering proven success in the world-wide market.

Why Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Facebook boasts 1.32 billion daily users (Facebook, 2017) making it the most popular social network. Your target market is already online reading, liking, commenting, and sharing content on Facebook. As a business, a Facebook page allows you to meet your customers where they already are and feed them valuable content that they are already looking for.

Some of the primary benefits for creating and maintaining a Facebook page are...

  1. Attracting new customers that would not have discovered your business through traditional means
  2. Increasing knowledge of your industry
  3. Creating an open platform for questions to be asked and answered about products and services

Let's dive into those three benefits a little deeper.

1. Attracting New Customers

Your website is the home base for you company. Still, new customers will only find your website if they go to you through search engines. Facebook is a way for your business to go into the community and find your people instead of waiting for them to find you.

Facebook is a free advertising and communication tool that enables increased connections through current customers and a greater opportunity to reach more target customers through the internet.  

2. Increasing Industry Knowledge 

Facebook is a perfect way to offer value to your customers and build brand loyalty. Your Facebook business page should include content about your industry, entertaining text or images, and helpful tips to make your customers life easier.

This information increases the value to the consumer, and it also allows you to build trust with potential customers and provide information about your company’s niche and customer benefits.

3. Creating Open Communication

Social media has widened the avenue of open communication that customer service has lacked. Through Facebook, customers will be able to ask questions by wall post, comment, or personal messaging and receive a quicker response than with an email inquiry. Customers are able to see the answers to questions in real-time and can add inquiries or feedback. This platform of instant response provides interaction with customers that does not occur on your website.


Facebook is a great return on investment and a no-brainer for business owners to utilize.

A Facebook business page allows you to attract new consumers, offer value to interested leads, and create a platform of communication for loyal customers.

If you are still hesitant or would like more information about the use of Facebook for business, contact our social media marketing team to receive timely, accurate feedback.

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