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Big Data: Tweet Analysis Case Study

Social media activity and strategy is vital to tech and website companies. And marketing strategy or web strategy is developing into the norm for almost all businesses, large and small. But what's the point, if you never look back to see how you’ve grown. As a part of Esultants social media and particularly, our Twitter strategy, we wanted to review our tweets and see their results.

We compiled data from the first 6 weeks we started to grow our Twitter followers and a snapshot from the month of July 2013. The information we gathered included:
  • Tweets with Interactions – either retweet, mention, favorite or clicks
  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Tweet Type – link, blog, quote, photo, local
  • Hashtags Used
  • Topics Tweeted About


Big Data Tweet Analysis Case Study
First Weeks (Starting Feb 2013)
  • Average # of Tweets: 6 per day
  • Total # of Tweets with Interaction: 132 (62% of total posted tweets)
  • Total # of Followers: 250
  • Most Popular Day: Wednesday
  • Best Time: Bed Time (9pm – 12am)
  • Most Interacted with Tweet Type: Links
  • Most Interacted with Hashtags: #SMB, #socialmedia, #marketing
  • Most Interacted with Topics: Small Business & Social Media

July 2013
  • Average # of Tweets: 4 per day
  • Total # of Tweets with Interaction: 45 (52% of total posted tweets)
  • Total # of Followers: 492
  • Most Popular Day: Monday
  • Best Time: Lunch Time (10am – 2pm)
  • Most Interacted with Hashtags: #marketing, #content, #socialskim
  • Most Interacted with Topics: Marketing & Content 


After compiling this data, we discovered a few important trends. These results are based off Esultants Web Services strategy and our targeted people which are marketers, website developers and small to medium sized business owners .
esultants emage
  • More tweets per day, increased likelihood of interaction (greater percentage of interaction over total tweets)
  • Don't need to use hashtags in each Tweet to receive interaction, only half of interactions in first 6 weeks included hashtags
  • Almost half of all interacted with Tweets in July 2013 included a mention (someone else’s Twitter name)
  • Earlier in the week (Monday – Wednesday) and Saturday had the most interaction
  • The content is what drives interaction, not necessarily the perfect posting time
  • Our posting topics fall under the categories of small business, marketing, social media, online and local 

Next Steps:

The data is by no means all inclusive, and we compiled our data using Excel. The main point is we’ve analyzed and learned, and we have steps for moving forward. For Esultants, that means tweeting about more social media sites and more web development topics and tweeting about local businesses and events.

As general advice:
  • Test different posting times and days
  • Interact and mention more, there are real people behind those accounts
  • Determine who your audience is and tailor your tweets to them
  • Practice does not make perfect, but it does help
Data can definitely be intimidating, and so can having a social media strategy. Moving one foot in front of the other and remembering to look over shoulder every once in a while will help your company move forward. We hope you have learned something about gathering and analyzing data and posting effectively on Twitter. Please share with us what has been effective with your Twitter strategy and what has worked for you.

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