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Building Online Presence - Blogging Tips

Blogging takes time and commitment. Here are a few tips to get your blog turning and to increase your online presence.

  • Customers' frequently asked questions
  • Industry trends
  • Reviews about new industry techniques or products

  • Write the blog for the reader
  • Occasional company updates makes your company appear human
  • Content should add value to the reader whether it is to teach them something they want to learn or to inform them more about something their interested in

  • Lists
  • Photos
  • Short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Length should vary dependent on topics

Improve Readership
  • Share your posts – social media, tell customers, tell people in your industry
  • Build your online reputation by showing expertise through comments on other  industry-related blogs

Alternative to Blog Writing
If you can’t dedicate time each week to blog, it is not impossible to build your online presence without one.
  • Build rapport and industry expertise by commenting on industry-related blogs and providing advice related to the topic
  • Include personal qualifications and company name when you comment so people can find your website
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