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Twitter For Business: Why Your Company Needs It

The Social Media for Business series continues with a detailed explanation for why your business needs a Twitter account. Twitter is a conglomerate of networking, information sharing, and personal data.  The primary interaction is by communicating through “tweets” which are sentences of 140 characters or less. And the people that choose to follow your tweets are called “followers.” According to Twitter’s own business page, there are over 200 million active users (“What is twitter,” n.d.).

More than 300 million of these short sentences are shared each day which begs the question of why?  People like sharing their interests and passions and enjoy interaction and acceptance; Twitter is a great avenue for that. And it can help improve your business as a tool for networking and marketing. Twitter recommends that businesses use twitter to “influence and participate in real-time conversations” and “listen and gather marketing intelligence and insights” (Shaefer, n.d.).


1. Twitter channels opportunities for personal and professional networking. The sheer number of people you can connect with is greater than any in-person networking event. You are able to connect with professionals and companies throughout the world; including people you look up to, trends you wish to follow, and your people in your target market. This benefits your company through the vast information, expertise, and advice that is shared among these connections.

 2. Your followers and those you follow will open communication and provide learning opportunities.  You will be able to learn through the influencers you’ve followed and learn about what is important to those that follow you. This channel also allows you to teach your followers by connecting them with relevant content. An important feature of Twitter is the ability to interact and converse with these followers through retweets*, replies, and direct messaging. (Retweet: posting a tweet from someone else on your account and giving them credit for their unique content)

3. Through the vast number of connections you will make, you will be building an audience for your brand. By the content you post in your “tweets” and the information on your profile, you should attract people that are interested in the same things you are. Because of this, you will be increasing brand awareness as well as creating a free marketing arena for your company.


1. Twitter positively affects other marketing tactics, like SEO. As a constant stream of information from consumers about their likes and dislikes, Twitter can be utilized to anticipate and react to trends. In this way, your business can create content that links back to your site that responds to these trends, and thus increasing SEO through backlinks and industry, trending keywords in your content. This ability to utilize Twitter to connect with your customers will increase brand awareness and allow marketing to use Twitter to their advantage.

2. According to Social Media Examiner, Twitter can assist businesses in solving their challenges (Kingston, 2012). The most prevalent benefit is free access to customer feedback. Your business can key in on what people are saying about your name, your competitor’s names, and words that relate to your business (Owyangm, 2008). You will be able to use specific data to learn about issues in your own business and industry and in turn improve your business. Another opportunity would be to survey your Twitter audience for product or service improvements and provide incentive through Twitter exclusive promotions or giveaways.

3. Twitter can be used to drive traffic to strategic content. Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist for Hubspot, stated, “Twitter is key for all forms of online marketing and communication.” Once you have a steadily growing following you can create a buzz for product promotions, blog posts, and other business focused content. Another opportunity is to post relevant articles that lead followers back to your business with follow up questions. The intent is to build a loyal following of leads and referrals.

Twitter has shown itself as an integral part for businesses to network and integrate their marketing strategies. It allows businesses to engage with more customers, influencers, leaders, competitors, and mentors than before social media expanded. Businesses also increase their influence and marketing reach. Twitter does require action and activity; continue to follow the Esultants blog for a future post about how to use Twitter for business.  Follow us on Twitter and tweet us or visit our contact page with any questions about Twitter or social media. Also, here is the link if you missed our post on the Why Your Company Needs Facebook or Why Your Company Needs Google Plus.

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