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Facebook for Business: Why Your Company Needs It

The benefits of a Facebook page span beyond just the initial creation. There is a demand for interaction and upkeep on the business’s end which will increase the value for customers and prospective buyers. Currently, more than half of the US population have Facebook accounts and of those about 400,000 reside in the Minneapolis area (Facebook Statistics by Country, n.d.). Facebook, as with other social media platforms like Twitter and Google +, are continuing to evolve into larger players for marketing, advertisement, brand awareness, and customer service. Some of the primary benefits for creating and maintaining a Facebook page are listed below.

1. Attracting new customers that would not have discovered our business through traditional means

2. Increasing knowledge of the industry and potential personal benefits from the business itself

3. Creating an open platform for questions to be asked and answered about products and services

Not only is the use of social media and internet marketing changing business today but the market is changing too. Rob Roland, Project Manager at Esultants, summarized that the average consumer uses Facebook as their gateway to the internet world, for the purposes of news, sports, social interaction, and business information. He also concluded that businesses on Facebook interact less aggressively than through other advertising means such as TV ads. This less aggressive approach is positive because it encourages more business to consumer interaction.

1. Attracting New Customers
Often times, small business advertising and marketing campaigns are not able to reach all of their FB1markets. The benefit of Facebook is that it opens up your geographic and density spread to touch more potential customers. Facebook is a free, advertising and communication tool that enables increased connections through current customers and a greater opportunity to reach more target customers through the internet.  

2. Increasing Industry Knowledge 
The internet has increased customer awareness and knowledge since its inception. And as ecommerce and social media expand, this customer knowledge will continue to increase. In order to aid consumers with their product, it is important to include content not only about your business but about the industry you’re in, including facts and other pertinent information. This information not only increases the value to the consumer but it also allows you to build trust with potential customers and provide information about your company’s niche and customer benefits.

3. Creating an Open Platform
Social media has widened the avenue of open communication that through customer service has often been laggard. Through Facebook, customers will be able to ask questions by wall post or through messaging and receive a quicker response than with an email or phone inquiry. The additional benefit of open communication includes open feedback. Customers will be able to see the responses to questions in real-time and can add inquiries or responses as well. This platform of instant response and inquiry provides interaction with customers that does not occur on your website.


Below are quotes from a couple personal Facebook friends about how they use business pages and what they wish would change about business interactions. If there were doubts about the benefits before, these examples may convince you otherwise.

Colin: “Having a certain number of people "like" a business page is not what's important. I think a lot of companies/businesses/organizations operate Facebook pages just because that's the cool new savvy technique to connect with a population that is increasing connected online. But it does them no good to have 1,000 people "liking" or "following" their page unless those people are engaged.”

Merissa: “What's a business page? … I think it's cool when businesses have special deals just by liking them on Facebook, so I sometimes like them but promptly forget that I've liked it and then I don't ever see the page again. Although, when I really like something, I want the whole world to know… Moral of the story: Generally speaking, I think I'd rather know a business in person before interacting with it on Facebook.”

The benefits are evident. Facebook is a great return on investment and is a no-brainer for business owners to utilize. Your business can only continue expansion with the use of a Facebook business page.  If you are still hesitant or would like more information about the use of Facebook for business, contact Heidi or Nicole through Esultants Contact page and you will receive timely, accurate feedback.

If you are intrigued to learn more about social media use for your business, read our follow up blog posts, Why Your Business Needs Twitter and Why Your Business Needs Google+.

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