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Twitter For Business: Why Your Company Needs It

Twitter is a conglomerate of networking, information sharing, and personal data. The primary interaction is by communicating through “tweets” which are sentences of 140 characters or less. Read More

Facebook for Business: Why Your Company Needs It

The benefits of a Facebook page span beyond just the initial creation. There is a demand for interaction and upkeep on the business’s end which will increase the value for customers and prospective buyers. Facebook, as with other social media platforms like Twitter and Google +, are continuing to evolve into larger players for marketing, advertisement, brand awareness, and customer service. Read More

Content is Key!

One of the really cool aspects of my job is that during the course of building a client’s site is that I get to learn a lot about what it is they do. Despite the VAST differences from one client to the next, there is one resounding similarity that all of our customers seem to share - the desire to have a web presence that best represents their business to both current customers and potential customers. Read More

Is Your Website A Pair of Zubaz? | How Web Design Changes

Website design is kind of like fashion. Looking at website designs dating back to the onset of the Internet can be similar to looking at pictures of someone in the 70s wearing a leisure suit*, in the 80s wearing acid washed jeans, or in the early 90s rocking a pair of Zubas. When you encounter past images of yourself or others wearing these items, you probably feel a mix of nostalgia, combined with a little bit of embarrassment, along with awe at how far things have come. Read More

How to Put a Facebook "Like" Button on your Website

So it looks like this Facebook thing is kind of a big deal. Hundreds of millions of people use it every day... If you have already set up a Facebook page for your business, your customers and others who are interested in you can choose to “Like” your page. Read More