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4 Simple Ways to Enhance Website Content [Infographic]

Content is the core of your website. Making sure your content is optimized for search engines and user experience can go a long way in improving the performance of your site. Read More


PetyaWrap: Another WannaCry?

The PetyaWrap ransomware has affected over 12,000 computers worldwide, earning the nickname WannaCry 2.0. Once the virus infects a computer, it encrypts all the files and data on that computer, holding it ransom. Read More


So far, the WannaCry ransomware has affected over 237,000 computers worldwide. Business networks are especially vulnerable to the WannaCry virus. How can you protect your company's information? Read how to spot the WannaCry emails, and what to do if you have it.



Nationwide, inboxes are being scammed with what looks like a very innocent email, from a known sender. Read why you shouldn't click, and what to do if you did.


Alt Text or Image Titles—What's the Difference?

For front-end users, websites thrive on the visual. A vibrant picture catches our attention and enriches the message of the text. But to make your images visible to more users and to search engines, you'll have to optimize them for accessibility. Read More


Small Business Cyber Security: Get Past the Hype and Discover What You Really Need to Know

It’s hard to know what you’re supposed to believe when it comes to cyber security for your small business. Just because you may not think you are worthy of a hack, it doesn’t mean you won’t get hacked for other reasons. You could be negatively impacted whether your company is “worthy” or not. Read More